Getting away

I have survived my first winter in Cornwall. Hooray!

To celebrate Brogan and I went on holiday! Annoyingly, our annual leave was booked during half term, so flights were expensive. But that didn’t stop us. We got the plane to Lisbon, in Portugal, to begin our week away.

We didn’t actually spend any time in Lisbon as we were eager to explore the coast of the Algarve. We headed straight to Odeceixe. We arrived before sunset, eager to squeeze in a surf, but the surf was massive and no one was out. Not knowing the beach we decided to give it a miss and have a stoll on the beach before finding a room for the night in the village and grabbing dinner. The village was super pretty but really quiet. I’m presuming it gets quite a bit busier in the summer months. After a not-so-great dinner we found somewhere selling Pastel de nata’s. We grabbed one for pudding – our first of many on this trip!

The next morning was a beautiful one. We had breakkie where we were staying and then headed to the beach. The surf was still big and blown out so we had a beach run and then a bikini swim in the river. It was cold in the water, but stunning and exhilerating. Next stop, Arrifana.

Again, the surf was too big for me here. But Brogan went in while I sunbathed. We had a yummy lunch in the town nearby before heading to Sagres. We spent a couple of days in Sagres, exploring the beaches in the region. We had such a lovely time. We stayed in the same place we stayed in 3 years earlier. The apartment was great, and we made breakfasts there and dinner one evening. It also had an outdoor pool and sauna which of course we had to use before leaving. The pool was freezing, but the sauna was dreamy.

From Sagres we moved slightly along the coast for one night in Luz. We ate a a super yummy restaurant, Chicca’s, which was amazing for veggies and served loads of organic produce. I was in food heaven.

From Luz we made the journey to Seville in Spain. We knew the journey would be a few hours, but it took a seriously long time. We (tried to) avoid the toll road in Portugal as we didn’t have a pass to use it. That meant taking the more coastal main road. It took bloody ages. Once we were finally in Seville it was a nightmare. The roads in the old part of the city were super narrow, the locals constantly use their horns, and there’s pretty much nowhere to park. I was stressed and I wasn’t even driving! We finally found our hostel and paid €18 to park our car in their stupidly disigned indoor parking lot for the night.

Feeling tired, hungry, and slightly stressed we wondered around the streets on the hunt for food. We stopped in two tapas bars and had a selection of veggie dishes from each, including battered sticks of aubergine, patatas bravas (of course), risotto, and some tasty fried vegetables. We had a reasonably early night as we were both so tired. However, we didn’t sleep well as a couple of guys came beack to the hostel late and pretty drunk. One of them thought it would be a great idea to have a phone call just outside our room for half an hour – nice one!

The next morning was a new day! When we finally found somehwere to park our car for a couple of hours, we got to wonder round the city and admire the sights in gorgeous sun light. What a stunning city! So much beauty around every corner. It made the journey there so worth it. I would recommend anyone to visit Seville – but don’t drive here!

Next stop was visiting our friend Hugo. Hugo is teaching English and living in El Puerto De Santa Maria. When we arrived he was still at work so we visited El Palmer and soaked up the sun whilst lounging at a restaurant, eating yummy food and admiring the view of the sea. We headed to Hugo’s local beach in time for when he finished work. It was so cool to see him again. We all had a sick little body surf. In the evening we headed out for tapas and beers (quite a few).

The next morning we actually had a lie in (probably because of the beers)! And it was raining! The first bit of rain we had on our trip. But not just normal rain. It was basically raining sand. We came up witht he theory that it was sand which had been blown over from the Sahara. All of the cars were covered in a thick layer of sand. Once the rain had stopped Brogan and I ventured over to Cadiz by train.

We had a wonder through the streets of Cadiz, eventually reaching the sea. It felt odd standing in a city, looking down a big wall, into the calm sea. We then headed back into the centre of Cadiz and found a veggie Paella from a restaurant with views of the Cathedral. During lunch we eavesdropped on some other English people who had just been inside the Cathederal who said it was spectacular, so we decided we should go inside too.

The Cathedereal cost €5 each to visit, including a visit up the tower. I am so glad we did it. It really was spectacular. One of my favourite authors is Ken Follet, and being in the Cathederal made me think of his book; The Pillars of the Earth. One of my favourite parts of the building was the crypt underground. If you stand in the centre and clap, the noise echoes all around you. If you have the chance to go you sooooo have to do it. After our audio tour around the Cathederal we marched up to the top of the tower. After calming my nerves from the height I was at, I was blown away by the incredible views of the city and the sea.

We finished that day off with another body surf session. That night we had another boozey night with Hugo. Which led to another lie in… The next day we were lucky and got some sunshine, which meant chilling on the beach, a mini beach run, and a bikini swim. Then for the long drive back to Faro.


Once in Faro, and we had checked into our room in the lovely Faro Vintage guest house, we had one mission: to find the best ever pizza restaurant which we had eaten at 3 years ago. We couldn’t remember the name of the restaurant so we just had to walk around, trying to retrace our three year old footsteps. At last, we turned the corner and, “Aaaahhhhhh, this is the one!”. It is called La Pizza. The pizza is amazing. Just a simple Margarita with olives on is divine. The chips are yummy. And the salad was scrumptious. So stoked we found it again. What a perfect way to end our Portugese and Spanish road trip!


A toothally awesome experience

Brogan and I both managed to book the same week off work – the week in which Brogan’s birthday fell. I decided to book us flights to Iceland for his birthday treat. Neither of us had been on a snowy, cold trip before, so we were super excited.

Before heading out there we knew we wanted to book a hire car so that we could visit wherever we wanted, whenever we wanted. A week before our flight we attempted to make the booking. Tip: all of the car rental companies would only accept credit card payment, and the credit card had to be in the name of the main driver. Neither Brogan or I had a credit card. Brogan ordered a credit card, and we just had t hope it would arrive before we flew out there. It did, hooray!!

We flew from Bristol to Reykjavik with Wow Air on Monday morning. Monday was Brogan’s birthday, but no birthday lie in for him. Nope, we had to wake up at 3am. He sleepily opened his cards and presents, and then we hit the road. I love Cornwall, but it is such a loooong drive to anywhere. We made it to the airport, and Brogan was being his chilled out self, and I was stressing that we’d miss our flight! We made it onto the plane, and we slept pretty much the whole flight. I hate sleeping on planes – I always end up sleeping with my mouth wide open, and wake up with a crooked neck and dry mouth.

Our car rental company had someone at the airport to pick us up and drive us to the depot. They tried to make us buy loads of extra insurance for the car, even though we’d paid for the best insurance when making the booking. The woman convinced us we would need sand storm protection as an extra, so we agreed. Surprise surprise, we didn’t experience any sand storms… Anyway, we got our cool little Suzuki Jimney, and used an awesome phone app called Mapme (free, and doesnt need internet to work!) to find our way to our guest house.


We stayed at a lovely little guesthouse called Aros Guesthouse ( ) just outside the main city centre. It was warm and clean, and the bed was comfy. It also had a kitchen which was ideal as eating out in Iceland is mega bucks. There was a supermarket, a beer shop, a Dominoes pizza shop, and fuel station just around the corner – perfect. Would definitely recommend people who hire a car in Iceland to stay here.

Our first night, still Brogan’s birthday, we grabbed a couple of pizzas, then wrapped up warm and hit the road. We knew we wanted to drive away from the city to reduce any light pollution near us.Not long after our nighttime journey hoping to see the Norther lights I thought I could see a patch of light green in the sky, but wasn’t sure if I was just being optimistic and imagining things. The green got brighter though, and so we pulled over in a little parking area just off the side of the road. There were two other girls there watching the lights get brighter.

Brogan and I were freaking out – we were so so so excited. We couldn’t believe what we were seeing. Brogan got all fancy with the camera and got a couple of cool shots. But the camera couldn’t capture the movement and all of the colours. It was seriously one of the coolest things I had ever seen. There was a green haze spread right across the sky, and pink, yellow, white, and pink danced across the green. I felt really lucky to see the Aurora Borealis, the beauty of it even made me feel a bit emotional. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to make Brogan’s birthday better than that again!

For our first whole day (Tuesday) we hit up the Golden Circle. We stopped off at  Þingvellir National Park , the geysers at  Haukadalur , Gullfoss waterfall, and Kerio crater lake. It was an epic day of exploring, and my camera got a good work out.


The next day (Wednesday) we decided to visit some waterfalls and the coast. We came across Seljalandsfoss waterfall, Skógafoss waterfall, and Reynisfjara black sand beach with basalt columns. Such a gorgeous day of exploring. Lots of driving, but so worth it.


That evening (Wednesday evening) we had booked to visit the Blue Lagoon ( ). We were tired from a day of exploring but looking forward to some chill time. It was much much bigger than I had imagined. It was really gorgeous, and super lovely and warm. With our package we got the silica mud mask and the algae mask, swell as a free drink. Our time in the Blue Lagoon was really cool, I loved it!

Now, let me fill you in, as gorgeous as the Blue Lagoon was, I’d recommend having some first aid training first. Now brace yourselves for this story… As I left the lagoon and entered the changing rooms a lady slipped and hit her head on the floor. She knocked herself unconscious. Everyone around was squealing and not sure what to do. I found the closest member of staff, explained what had happened, and that first aid assistance was needed. The member of staff then freaked out, started swearing, and asked for help on her radio. Great another person who didn’t know what to do. I’d had a big glass of prosecco at this point, but decided I should get involved. The lady was unresponsive but breathing. I put a towel on her head and applied pressure. I kept speaking to her, and shaking her shoulders and eventually she came back around. At this point, the member of staff decided to check if she had a pulse!?!? I reassured the lady, until other staff members bought a wheelchair to us. Yet again, the members of staff didn’t know what to do, so I guided them through lifting the lady. 3,2,1, lift – ouch, something sharp was in my foot. However I kept a brave face until the lady was sat comfortably in the wheelchair. I then checked the bottom of my foot for the sharp object, feeling annoyed with the Blue Lagoon for letting there be broken glass in the changing rooms! But oh no, to cap it all off, it was not glass, but a human tooth!!  Hooray! I pulled the tooth out, and feeling stressed, put it on the lady’s lap,which a staff member then decided to wrap up, without asking if I was ok. The lady then got whisked away, and I went to the shower, freaking out about all the possible diseases I could have caught from the human tooth in my foot! Awesome! Hahahahaha!



For our last final day in Iceland we decided to try and find another hot spring. The hot spring we were searching for was a lot smaller than the Blue Lagoon though. The hot spring we went to was called Guðrúnarlaug, and it is big enough for 3 people, or four skinny people. We drove through horrendous weather to reach it, being blown all over the road in high winds, in torrential rain. At first we drove past the turning to the hot spring, but eventually figured out the turning. We rocked up and there were two people sat in their car. We put on our coats, and ran over to where we thought the hot spring was, but a pond was in the way (which we knew about so we knew we were in the right place). We quickly ran back to the car, and stripped down to our swimming gear. The other couple drove away. We ran along the track and through the (freezing) pond. Once we reached the hot spring, I dipped my fingers in the pool. It was the prefect temperature. Yeeewwwww! In we got, and just relaxed for about an hour. No-one else was around, no cars and no buildings. It was quite surreal, and unbelievable peaceful. I absolutely loved this mini hot spring!


We decided to head into the city for our last evening in Iceland, hitting up a burger restaurant on the old harbour. It was super cool in there, awesomely decorated. The food was proper American style junk food, really naughty but yummy. We had veggie burgers, fries and caramel milkshake. We then had a little stroll around the harbour and other restaurants to get a quick fix of Reykjavik. It was a short but really sweet visit into the capital city, and I liked what I saw.


Friday morning we woke up stupidly early to catch our flight back to the UK. I was completely and utterly blown away by the natural beauty of Iceland. I have now decided that one day I would love to go back in the summer time with my walking boots and camp around the whole of the beautiful country. Now that I’ve had a taste of Iceland I want more! Of all of the countries I have visited it’s definitely very high up on my list of favourites.

Thanks Iceland, I’ll be back!




September Sessions

At the end of August Brogan and I treated ourselves to our yearly visit to the Rogue Theatre Summer Ball located in the beautiful Tehidy Woods. This has been one of my highlights of the year for the past couple of years, and it did not disappoint this year. Lots of laughter, mystery, dancing, magic and singing. If you live in Cornwall and have never been, you have to go. They do a Spring, Summer, Halloween and Christmas show. You will  to regret it!


Anyway, September… Well, September definitely saw a drop in air temperature! However, I think we were still blessed with dry weather, and certainly lots of swell.

I kicked off the month by giving a demonstration of a surf lesson to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. This was a Royal Visit for The Wave Project, to introduce Will and Kate to what we do. In the run up to the visit it was all very top secret. We knew that the visit would be on the 2nd September at Towan Beach. All of us at The Wave Project had our fingers crossed for sunshine, and lovely clean waves. And hey presto – that’s what we got!!


It was obviously going to be a mad event because we had 86 kids from various projects booked in for the visit. Then there were all of the friends and family, and the staff. Let alone all of the general public. I was concerned how this might effect some of the children we work with, but I was so stoked to see the  children coping really well – listening to the instructions, being kind to each other, and managing any anxieties they may have had extremely well. I couldn’t have been more proud of them!

When I finished my International Education degree at uni I knew that I wanted to be working with kids, outdoors, educating them in a different way to the mainstream… The Wave Project began its beach education programme in September. I have been involved in the lesson planning, and carrying out the lessons on the beach. One day a week we take 7 kids from a Cornish secondary school on the beach, with a different academic theme for the day. We try to link the school subject with surfing, which of course is always lots of fun!


As well as the beach education  programme, I have been running three surf therapy courses per week. Two of them I run in one day, so lots of the volunteers stay for both of the sessions. One week, during the hour off in between sessions we all got talking about the documentary on BBC called ‘The Doctor who gave up drugs’. During the programme the doctor explains the benefits of cold water swimming. This then led the volunteers and I agreeing that after the second session we would all ditch the wetsuits and go for a swim in the sea. The sea was really stormy and the wind was up, but we did it! It was super exhilarating, and we all came out the sea grinning madly!


September often brings some photoshoots my way, in time for the Autumn/Winter collections. Early on in September I had a shoot with the Roo’s Beach Team. We were shooting for the Autumn/Winter lookbook. The shoot was based in and around Mawgan Porth in Cornwall. The clothes were insanely gorgeous! I had a lovely time working with Adj and Cathryn as always, and Roo and her family were around for some of the looks too. It was a looooong day, but I am super pleased with the final images. I hope you like them too 🙂

As well as Roo’s Beach, I have modelled for Finisterre again. A very different fair as it was a studio shoot, but fun nonetheless. The clothes were lovely, and I have my eye on a new coat to get me through winter!

One of my friends from Croyde, Laura, visited Cornwall for a few days. During my days off we got up to all sorts of adventures. One day we went for a lovely tapas lunch at Scarlett’s wine bar, with her other friend also called Laura. It was so lovely to have girly chats over some scrummy food. Laura and I then searched the North coast for waves. We eventually ended up going in at Gwithian but it was bigger than we had expected, and there was a lot of water moving around. Even though it wasn’t one of our best surfs we still had a good time. On another day off of mine we visited the far West of Cornwall. We walked around Porthcurno and found a sheltered sot for a spot of sun bathing. We then walked from there to The Minack Theatre. It was £4.50 to visit the site, or £5 for a ticket to the show that night which also allowed us to walk around it during the day. We opted for the latter. It’s stunning there with the most jaw-dropping, beautiful, ocean back drop.


We had some time to kill before the show started, so we headed over to Sennen for fish and chips. However, as we meandered down the hill towards the sea we were greeted by the best looking waves I had seen in England all year. We were so relieved we had decided to pack our surf gear! We scoffed down some chips, and suited up. I have always loved Sennen. The water looks tropical, and the beach has gorgeous white sand. We were in heaven.

After the surf we headed back to Minack for the show. While we were organised enough to pack surf stuff incase we found surf, we were not organised enough to bring warm layers incase we ended up watching a show, outdoors, and night, in windy Cornwall. We stuck at it as long as we could, but eventually we had to admit that we were too tired, too cold, and to young/ill-educated to understand what the show was about! Haha! We snuck off during the show, feeling guilty about not watching it all, but amazed at what an awesome day we had had.

On the last day of September I had another day off, yew! I met up with one of my lifeguard friends, Anna. We went for a sea swim at Hawkes Point (one of my favourite spots in Cornwall), followed by coffee and cake. It was so lovely catching up with her, comparing summers, talking about our plans for the winter months, and our dreams for the future. She’s such a little legend, and I left her feeling super happy. That evening we had a Connon family (the boyfriends family) night out. This included us all bowling (I won both of my games yeeewww!), and curry in Truro. We all had a right laugh!


One awesome month, and lots of adventures to fill my memory bank. The air is definitely colder, but the sea temperature is still good, although I’m not sure for how much longer. I’ve also got a few trips in the pipe line for winter – Bring it on!!

Summer has flown by, but what have I actually been up to?

I can’t believe it’s late September already!! I feel like summer has whizzed by, and I’m not even sure if it actually happened!? But, when I do have a proper think about what I’ve done over summer, I realise that it’s actually been a bloody good one! In fact, in terms of writing about it in a blog, I’m going to spread it all across two posts.

At the end of July, Brogan and I managed to get a couple of days off together at the same time. We headed up to Croyde to visit my family. It was great weather, and felt like a mini holiday. While we were there, we visited Ilfracombe, a near-by seaside/harbour town, to witness the Bird Man Festival. During this festival, teams of people dress up, and have to ‘fly’ off the harbour wall, using their homemade flying craft. It was very entertaining, and some of the teams put so much effort into their costumes and crafts. I’d definitely recommend going to it if you’re ever in the area during the festival.


In early August, St Agnes Carnival was held. Brogan and I met just outside of St Agnes after work, and set up his van ready to crawl into at the end of the night and get a good night’s sleep. We headed down into town along a coastal path which was just stunning as the sun was shining, and the flowers were blooming. We grabbed a pizza in the local pizzeria – – you all have to go go go here! It’s super yummy! The carnival floats were really cool, and it was so lovely to see so many of members of the local community getting involved. Unfortunately there was no music this year down in the square where crowds seem tocongregate, but there was still a good party spirit, and it was awesome seeing so many friends there.


During the weekend of Boardmasters we were blessed with the most glorious sunshine. I finished work on the Friday, and didn’t have any surf therapy sessions with The Wave Project booked as the beaches were just too crowded. I ended camping at Little Fistral with an epic little crew. Little Fistral was so quiet and blissful compared to the mayhem of the streets in Newquay and Fistral Beach. That weekend I had a couple of bikini swims, a surf, a bbq, and lots of chilling. Brogan and I also got given tickets by a family friend which was awesome, so we got to enjoy the music in the hustle and bustle of the festival, and then escape to our tranquil camping area.


The end of August always means one thing – IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!! So, this year I turned 25 on the 25th. Even my Mum said that she couldn’t lie – I am getting old! I managed to spread out the birthday celebrations over the space of about a week. I planned to head to Croyde for my birthday, so a  couple of days before leaving, Brogan and his family organised a meal out to Kota Kai in Porthleven. I love love love Kota Kai! It was really lovely to have Brogan’s family come out for a meal with us and the food was delicious. The staff even decorated my dessert plate beautifully, which was pretty exciting – I’m easily pleased! I then had one more day of work before my birthday, and then the Bank Holiday weekend. My work buddies gave me the most lovely collection of birthday treats, including a couple of Candy’s bag brand, Soi 55! I felt well and truly spoilt, and it still wasn’t even my birthday.

On my actual birthday I started my day by opening my lovely gifts and cards, which included a good camera from Brogan and my family. I then went and enjoyed a longboard session at Croyde with Brogan. I caught so many waves, and felt inspired to do more long boarding. In the afternoon, Maisie, my Mum, Brogan and I headed to Saunton Sands Hotel for High Tea. I must admit, the staff weren’t the best… They had awkward conversation with us, forced jokes, and didn’t really listen to what we asked for. Anyway, it made for a funny and interesting experience, as we waited 45minutes for a slice of lemon to come for one of our drinks, meat sandwiches came out when we had had a long conversation with the waiter about being vegetarians, and wanting veggie sandwiches… Luckily we were all in good spirits and could see the funny side of it. There was cake, cake, and more cake. And for once, I felt a bit caked out!

Only a couple of hours later we had a table booked for dinner at The Thatch. Zak and his girlfriend Rachel came up from Exeter. Although I felt very full from the high tea, fear not, I still managed to eat my sea bass dinner! It was a lovely meal, and great to have a fair few of us together.

After my birthday we still had a couple of days off – the perks of having a birthday around a bank holiday weekend! Brogan and I hit up oh-so-pretty Watersmeet. We had lunch in the garden of the gorgeous tearoom there, before walking to Rockford and back. It was a super pretty walk which I would highly recommend. Although we felt pretty tired by the end of the walk, as we were in the area, we then headed to the Valley of the Rocks. It’s absolutely stunning there, with amazing cliffs and rock formations, and stunning views of the sea. Devon is pretty pretty!


Surfer’s Ball at Marisco’s is how we spent our last Devon evening. We had a good crew of people at our house. It started quite civilised, eating pizza (which Brogan burnt!), chatting, dressed all proper. Then Flora’s friend Hannah came in and asked why we were not dressed up. Good question! Out came our four fancy dress boxes, the contents which was very quickly sprawled all over the floor, and all over us. We now looked much more prepared for Surfer’s Ball. The night saw us singing Oasis bangers on the streets, drinking on the beach, in Woolacombe’s finest bars, and dancing on the forever-sticky floor of Marisco’s.



So August was pretty epic! Next blog will be all about September.

Peace and love x


So many activities!

So I’ve not written in my blog for a while. Here’s what I’ve been up too…

Joe Way Paddle

The Joe Way Paddle is an annual charity event in memory of a young boy who passed away. It is a family-friendly event, with board paddle races for all ages and abilities, live music and food stalls, held at the harbour in Newquay. This year was my first experience of the event.

The Wave Project took a team down, set up a stall to tell people what we do, and we paddled a giant SUP board with 6 of us on it. I had tried SUPing on a normal size SUP board before and remembered finding it pretty hard work. This was the same – my quads ached for a day or two after! But the paddle was hilarious. I actually got quite competitive and put all my effort into it, even though I laughed the whole way. The paddle was 1km long and we were against kids, but we all had the mentality that we wanted to win.

After a wobbly start we eventually found momentum and overtook everyone. As we paddled back into the harbour we were in the lead. However, we lost a team member who fell in/was pushed into the sea. For this we were disqualified (but we know we were the winners really, haha!).

I hope next year we’ll get some Wave Project kids to come and help us win for real!


Pic taken by Janka Panther.


Summer Surf Challenge

The Summer Surf Challenge was held at Watergate Bay this year. We were blessed with incredible sunshine all weekend, and lovely learning conditions. The event was held for people living with disabilities to try out a taster surf session with The Wave Project.

We had an amazing team helping us out – volunteers from far and wide, Wave Project ambassadors Lucy Donlan and Tom Butler delivering a couple of the lessons, and Occy providing safety cover. There were a whole other load of people helping out up on the beach, but I didn’t get to see much of the beach action as I was in the water all weekend ensuring that the kids were having fun safely.

The kids were so inspiring and courageous. I can’t wait to do it again next year.

Me, Harley and Broni - ssc 16

Pic taken by Djamila Grace Bousksou.


Macca and Jane’s Wedding

My sister Maisie arrived back in England after spending 9 months researching in a university in Newcastle, Australia. A few days later I headed up to Croyde, and Mum, Andy, Maisie, Flora and I headed to ‘The Dog House’ between The Thatch and Billy Buds to watch Steve Ley play for the Busker Sessions. We were under a pretty white marquee and he played for 3 hours. We all had a right laugh, but didn’t drink too much – we were saving ourselves for Macca and Jane’s wedding the next day.

The next morning we packed our glad-rags and headed to Richmond Park in London. We met Zak at the hotel and all got ready in the one hotel room that was ready for us. We were all buzzing to be reunited – we hadn’t all been together in about a year!!

Once ready we made our way to the wedding venue in the ever-so-pretty Richmond Park. We had a little time to kill so we had a drink in the sunshine which had decided to come out to play. Once the bride and groom had arrived we made our way indoors for the ceremony. Jane looked absolutely stunning; wearing a wedding dress made by her sister.

Once the ceremony was over we all made our way outdoors where bubbly was being served. My family and I made it our mission to drink as much bubbles as we could until it ran out… but it just kept on flowing. Half an hour later we were all drunk! Gorgeous looking canapés were making their way round. I asked which nibbles were vegetarian and I was told the tomato and basil ‘things’ were veggie… however, the waitress forgot to mention they had goat’s cheese in which my family and I can’t stand. We all popped one into our mouths and instantly looked at each other in shock, and disgust, but equally we were laughing hysterically and we had to hide the other half of the nibbles.

The 3 course meal was great, although I had to give away my slab of goat’s cheese from my starter. I was stoked when I found out pudding was Eton Mess – one of my favourites. All throughout the meal our wine glasses were being topped up.

Later on the room was turned into a dance floor and a fab live band played, and we all had an awesome dance, which included lots of spinning!

By 11 my sisters and I were tired and ready for bed – Mum had peaked too early and was already back at the hotel. We couldn’t find Zak, so we walked back through the park to our hotel. Half an hour later I had a loud knock at my door – it was a very drunk Zak.

Safe to say the wedding was a huge success and our family kept up our expectations of being the most silly family!!


Camping at Godrevy – Dinner at the Cafe

After one Wave Project surf club session at Gwithian I made my way over to Godrevy end of the beach where I met Brogan. He had put a mattress in the back of his van and parked it in the ‘secret’ free carpark. We had a little walk on the beach and then made our way over to Godrevy Beach Cafe for ‘Foodie Thursday’. We had booked a table earlier in the week and asked for a window seat.

We shared poached egg, smashed avo and asparagus on sour dough for a starter. Even something as simple as that, which we make something similar to most days, was so scrummy. For a main I had a mediterranean fish stew and Brogan had the veggie platter. We got two puddings to share – the Vietnamese banana, and a mocha style dessert. We were sure that the banana pudding would be our favourite, but as soon as we tasted the mocha pudding we were blown away; it was unreal!

It was such a treat, all washed down with a good red… and beer… and of course, prosecco! Afterwards, we thought we’d walk off some off the calories on the beach in the moonlight. We had a great time eating good food and camping – a mini holiday.


West Magazine

I was told by Lucy (the wife of Adj – the photographer from the Roo’s Beach shoot in Cyprus) that West magazine (the lifestyle supplement for The Western Morning News) wanted to use the pictures taken in Cyprus, as well as interview me. I happily agreed.

I spoke about surfing and fitness, my favourite places to surf, my favourite surfers, modelling, Roo’s Beach clothes, and my work with The Wave Project. I was really pleased with the article which was written by Gracie Stewart.

Pics by Adj Brown.


Tour de Piss

Now I know I’m not working as a lifeguard this year, but as I didn’t get to go to Tour De Piss last year as it clashed with my graduation, I really wanted to go this year. Neither Brogan or I had organised bikes to ride, or fancy dress costumes, so we ended up going on a micro-scooter and a skate board (both of which got stolen), wearing black and white checks.

It was so awesome to catch up with all our friends from lifeguarding, as well as meet some of the new guards.

For those of you who don’t know what Tour de Piss is, it is a pub crawl, done on bikes, in fancy dress. We started at Blue Bar in Porthtowan and ended up in St Agnes. Brogan did not drink in Porthtowan so we could drive the van to St Agnes so that we had somewhere to camp for the night. Also, I don’t think the skate board or micro-scooter would have made it up the hill!

The next morning we woke fairly early and I had glitter all over my face, and my head didn’t feel too great. To freshen up we went for a swim – Brogan in his speedos, and me in my PJ bottoms and bra. The sun was out and the sea was calm. It was a mini-holiday moment again. I was feeling stoked after having spent an epic night with the best people, and was lucky enough to get in the sea in such a gorgeous place to top it all off.

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Time off in Cornwall in the early summer

Cornwall is a pretty magical place when the weather starts warming up, and before the thousands of tourists arrive. When I’ve not been at work, and the sun is shining I have been making the most of this beautiful county.

A couple of weeks back I visited The Lost Gardens of Heligan. I headed there with Brogan, Brogan’s friend Tim, and his girlfriend Jess. The sun well and truly had his hat on as we wandered through the gardens. I was in a forest-school-lovers paradise! There were so many different species of plants and so many beautiful colours of flowers. We had a picnic in a meadow which had a sea view, and climbed what Brogan said was the longest rope-bridge in Europe (not sure I believed that!?!?). We spent about 4 hours cruising around the gardens, with a sunbathing break in between. The sculptures hidden amongst the plants made my heart feel all fuzzy… they were so cool!

One evening my Mum and her boyfriend Andy were in Newquay when I had finished work. I went for a little run around the gardens around the boating lake (mega pretty) before heading out for dinner with them. We went to The Breaks on Tolcarne Beach, and Oh My Goodness… it was so good! The views were really pretty, the staff were lovely, it was decorated super cute, and the food was really good! I actually completely forgot I was in the stag-do hotspot that is Newquay!

One lovely sunny day after work, Jacqueline (the intern at The Wave Project) and I decided to give wild swimming a go with Wild Swim Newquay. There was a big group of us all wearing our bright green swimming hats, and Candy paddled her rescue board behind us all.I forgot my goggles which originally I was disappointed about, however, it actually meant that I spent more time looking around and admiring the gorgeous surroundings. It was an awesome club and I can’t wait to swim with the club again.


On Bank Holiday Sunday, I met up with beautiful Kathryn, a fellow Devon-girl living in Cornwall. We went for a morning coffee at one of my favourite Cornish coffee joints – Scarlet . It’s been a really warm day but there was loads of mist coming off the sea. We went for a misty sea swim in the ridiculously clear water at Hawkes Point. The water was lovely and warm. Once we had dried off, I showed Kathryn the awesome mines at The Great Flat Lode near where I’m living, and by then the sun had burnt through all the mist. Such an awesome morning of exploring Cornwall. Once I got back I made the most of the sun the afternoon by helping out with a bit of gardening, followed by an afternoon of sunbathing.


In work, The Wave Project has been busy getting it’s first shop ready. We had a launch party on Thursday evening, with lots of smiley faces, chilled live music, prosecco and nibbles. It was a great evening. I’ve also had lots of time in the water running the surf therapy sessions for mid Cornwall, which always leave me with a smile on my face.


Today was such an awesome day. It is Bank Holiday Monday and the sun was shining. Brogan and I both had the day off. We packed a picnic and headed to Hawkes Point (again!), and once again the water was the most beautiful clear/turquoise. It was high tide, so we scrambled down, and jumped on in. As the sun was shining, I decided to try out my new wettie from Ripcurl. Once I jumped in, the cool temperature took my breath away, but after a few moments I got used to it and embraced it. We had a little swim around, and it was soooooo perfect. We then dried off in the sunshine, but the wind started to pick up so I got a bit chilly. We decided to grab a drink in the sun-trap beer garden at The Red River in Gwithian, before heading back to sunbathe in the garden – another sun trap. A wonderful Bank Holiday!

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Back to life, back to reality

I was living the dream whilst travelling but I knew I would be coming back to the UK at some point. Whilst away, I spent some of the rainy days searching online for jobs for when I got back to England. I managed to get myself an interview via FaceTime with The Wave Project, and a few days before the end of my trip I received a message saying that I had got the job! I was over the moon – excited and nervous.

Rosie Corr

I had first heard about The Wave Project when I had attended a surf awards evening. My boyfriend had then volunteered with them. When I saw the job advertised online I thought ‘Great! It’s a job which will use some of the knowledge I had developed during my degree, and my love of surfing and being outdoors!’, so I applied.

I have been working with The Wave Project as the mid Cornwall project coordinator for about a month now. The team of people I am working with are fantastic, and I am always amazed and grateful at how generous and willing-to-go-the-extra-mile the volunteers are! And as for the kids, well they’re just the best!


Due to my job being in Newquay, I have moved back down to Cornwall. This means I get to explore more of Cornwall again when not at work. Unfortunately the surf was flat as a pancake for about two weeks, so I didn’t surf for ages. Last week we finally had some swell so I got some surfs in which were fun. But now it’s flat, AGAIN!

Over the first bank holiday in May the English Surf Championships were held at Watergate Bay, and I managed to head over there between Wave Project surf therapy sessions to cheer on my brother and sister who were competing, as well as catch up with some people I hadn’t seen in a while.

Lots of Cornwall is looking super pretty at the moment as the bluebells are out in full bloom. Brogan and I headed to Illogan Woods to check them out the other week, where we also found a sick (but also scary) rope swing. Today I got to admire the bluebells again during my run from Porthleven to Loe Bar and back.

I also got to hang out with my best friend, Eloise, before she set off again on her travels. Over the last few years we have spent very little time in the same country as each other. This time we had a month! We drank lots of cider, for tradition’s sake.

And of course, it has been really really lovely catching up with my family, and hearing all about what they’ve been up to.

All in all, coming back to the UK has not been too bad. In fact, I am even enjoying myself. England is pretty good!